Phone number: +48 601 380 682

Please make sure to make a prior Skype appointment with me or on the telephone. 

If I would be unable to answer the telephone because of a meeting, please leave a message with your phone number.

Online psycho-coaching, therapy, counselling and psychological help

Online psychological help is offered by Dr Violetta Wróblewska – a psychologist, business psychologist, psycho-coach, therapist, lecturer and the author of the following books: Życie i zdrowie masz tylko jedno (a book in Polish), You have only one life and one health (its English version) and Studium sztuki lepszego życia (a book in Polish).

On Skype (video or audio call).

  • Describe shortly your issue and suggest a date in a text message (phone number: +48601380682) or an email (email address:
  • After receiving a reply, you are requested to issue a payment of €50
    for one 75-minute-long session.

The account details are given below:

„Kreacja Życia” Warsaw, Poland

IDEA BANK Romuald Wróblewski

10 1950 0001 2006 7773 7672 0001

The transfer title should consist of the words: ‘online consultation’, your name and surname (or your email address). After making the payment, you are kindly requested to inform me about the transfer in a text message (phone number: +48601380682) or an email (email address:

Psychological help via Skype can take the form of therapy, counselling, psychological help or psycho-coaching.

I only help adults.

The content of the conversations may not be recorded, published and shared with third parties without my consent.