My areas of expertise include psychological and therapeutic help in confronting problems connected with: communication, working life, married life, being in a relationship, human relationships in general, lack hope for the future and experience joy, health (i.e. psychosomatic illnesses), mobbing, physical violence or being an adult child of alcoholics. It also concerns dealing with stress, doubt their abilities, negative emotions, discouragement, frustration, guilt, life crises, fear and internal conflicts.

I run therapeutic sessions for those struggling with: depression (mild and moderate), neurosis, loneliness, depressive moods, psychosomatic illnesses, workaholism, professional burnout, harmful habits, losing their sense of purpose and low self-esteem.

I support my clients in changing their bad habits and adjustment problems, such as marital conflicts, job-related stress and emotional issues.

I also offer help and psychological consultations and counselling.

I offer my psycho-coaching sessions. During them I support and help women and men who want something more from life, that is to live courageously, move forward in their personal, professional and spiritual development and to reach for the things that their hearts and souls are really after.

In the last nine years, I have conducted around 2550 hours of therapeutic and psycho-coaching sessions as well as psychological consultations.  

The things that my Clients value the most in their meetings with me are: my ability to create a warm and friendly atmosphere which encourages them to open up and speak out about very difficult issues; being a good listener; my ability to show compassion, understanding and to empathise; good intuition, faith in the human being; my ability to hope against all odds and when other people disbelieve; an individual approach to each and every client and my immense involvement in helping them (both psychologically and spiritually), my peacefulness, kindness and vast knowledge in different fields (e.g.: psychology, therapy, spirituality, the Bible, preventive, Chinese and non-conventional medicine, healthy eating and living or business psychology) which I combine during my sessions; my holistic approach towards my Client which takes into account their mental, cognitive, emotional, bodily and spiritual side; lastly, they value my several years of experience as a therapist and my own life and professional experience in combating my own weaknesses and  problems.

I guarantee a kind, understanding and supportive relationship with my Clients. By caring about my Client I teach them to care about themselves. By bonding with them I teach them to bond with others. By listening to them attentively I teach them to listen to others. By showing hope and faith in their resources I encourage them to appreciate their own possibilities.

My Clients need diversity in therapy, because each and every one of them is different and hence unique. My approach towards therapy is brave and quite flexible, because to me, the needs and possibilities of my Client always come first. I can guarantee that I will be open to all their experiences – even those that they dread or are ashamed of and that stall their development, and I motivate them to be authentic.

In my job, my motto is: ‘First the Client, then the method and theory’. I am always open to my Clients’ feedback. Some of them need meetings once a week, while others need one two-hour session every other week or once a month. Additionally, the length of the sessions varies from 75 minutes to two hours. Having experienced many situations over the years, I have come to believe that for my Client to feel well taken care of, a session (psychological or therapeutic) should last (minimally and optimally) 75 minutes.

I approach every single Client that I meet in a diverse and versatile way, taking into account everything that enables them to grow and move in the right direction. I believe that in therapy there are no universal methods, techniques, models, ready-made session plans or patterns. I apply a wide range of methods, techniques and tools.

In my job I prefer a very effective and long-lasting type of therapy, based on psycho-medical spirituality. It integrates all the most influential and helpful therapeutic methods to date, the spirituality and the most recent academic achievements connected with helping the patient. This approach guarantees addressing every Client individually, with emphasis on their development (physical, psychoemotional, spiritual and social). For more details, visit the website: http://psychologistonskype.com/?p=140

I also apply solution-focused therapy, about which you can read here: http://psychologistonskype.com/?p=138

For nearly 19 years (I am 49 years old) I’ve been focusing on my personal and spiritual development. I spent many years learning to recognise my own needs and making my life better by e.g.: improving myself psychologically, taking up dancing, meditating and changing my eating habits. I am a great fan of belly dancing, nature, Yoga for the Spine, creative cooking and books on psychology and spirituality.

My other passions include: physical and mental health and personal and spiritual development. I explore and popularize healthy lifestyles.

I wish to develop what I have called psycho-medical-spiritual lifestyle, which puts into practice: the Clients’ personal experiences, my own experience in self-improvement and developing professionally and spiritually, the wisdom of the Bible and finally, the current knowledge and latest achievements in psychology, spirituality and medicine in living a better and happier life and attaining inner peace. I belong to the committee that publishes Oxford Encyclopedia (2016 edition). I also cooperate with the media (television, the radio, the press, the Internet), commenting mainly on psychology and health.

I am an author of three books. The first one, titled Życie i zdrowie masz tylko jedno, has been published both in Polish and in English (You have only one life and one health). The second one is an autocoaching workbook titled Studium sztuki lepszego życia. For more information about my book in English (You have only one life and one health), visit the following website: http://psychologistonskype.com/?cat=30

There are as many possibilities of using stories, profound life truths, information from various academic fields and words of wisdom in everyday life offered by this book as there are Clients. Read it and see for yourself what benefits it can bring you by implementing the prescriptions, wise words and life truths that it contains in your life.

I also would like to invite you to visit my blog: violettawroblewska.com  and I invite you on my FanPage on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terapeutaursynow/

For nine years I have worked in a company called Usługi Psychologiczne, Terapia “Kreacja Życia” (Life Creation – Counselling and Therapeutic Services) as a certified psychologist, personal development psychocoach and therapist. I also organize self-improvement workshops. I have completed numerous courses, trainings in psychology and therapy, psychological workshops and post-graduate studies connected with working as a psychologist.

For nine years, I’ve been an academic teacher (and for three years, an assistant professor) at the University of Social Sciences in Warsaw, which is one of the leading private universities in Poland (Department of Human Resources Management). I have been running lectures, classes and trainings devoted to: psychology, management psychology, business communication, HR management, the psychology of managerial skills and team building in workplaces. I have also conducted trainings in solving conflicts and mediation, management styles and leadership skills and an MA seminar on managing human resources.

Additionally, I have worked for many years on self-contained and managerial positions in various companies (including international corporations), thanks to which I understand the specific nature and atmosphere in a corporation and in business world.

In my job, I combine my knowledge in many different fields and my experience. I have an MA in psychology (The University of Finance and Management where field of studies “Psychology” is placed in the second position in Poland among private universities) and in socio-economic studies (Warsaw School of Economics – the best economic university in Poland) as well as a PhD in economic sciences, specifically in the science of management (Warsaw School of Economics).

I am an author of articles in numerous academic journals and books, in which I discuss: ways of dealing with stress, developing one’s personal resources, healthy eating and healthy living.

In my job I always observe the ethical rules stated in the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.

I respect the most important values, especially the dignity of a human being, every person’s independence, freedom, autonomy and the right to unhindered development. I recognise every individual’s right to be guided by their own system of values and make their own choices, as well as their right to intimacy. I also observe ethical rules in my personal life and take care of my constant personal and professional development. Furthermore, I maintain professional secrecy; information given to me in confidence may be disclosed only if the client’s, or other parties’, safety is at stake.

In working with my Clients, my priorities are:

  • choosing methods and techniques which, at the given moment in therapy, best correspond to their needs and release their natural tendency to make changes and solve their problems,

  • building a genuine bond with them (which results from my empathetic approach) so that we experience their world and their problems together,

  • openness to their expectations connected with the therapeutic process,

  • giving them strength and not avoiding their existential or spiritual problems,

  • raising their hope, helping them to start using their internal resources and to develop the capacity for introspection so that they are able to start their self-healing process,

  • ensuring safety so making certain that I accept them together with all their difficult and shameful life experiences,

  • the best possible improvement in their mental health, which in turn always has a beneficial impact on physical health,

  • defining the aim and direction of our cooperation, which is why I always attach great importance to my dialogue with my Client and never talk to them in haste,

  • creating a warm, accepting and respectful atmosphere, which in turn favours learning,

  • enabling them to set themselves free from as many habitual and conditioned fear-based reactions as possible,

  • enabling them to get a full picture and understanding of themselves and the surrounding world and, thanks to that, to change their perception of themselves and their world so that they can start treating themselves better,

  • their development, so that they experience more satisfaction and inner joy of living,

  • honesty, effectiveness and responsibility – which is why I don’t cooperate with those who wish to quit drug addiction, are borderline, schizophrenic, paranoid, psychotic or suffer from central nervous system damage,

  • working with them without pressure to have results, in an environment which isn’t goal-oriented and which will make the Client feel accepted, respected, understood and supported,

  • a multidimensional and multifaceted approach towards them, i.e. through the prism of their needs and uniqueness as human beings instead of focusing on one single school in psychotherapy,

  • maximising my possibilities of helping my Clients. That is why I follow the rule: “If you want to be as helpful as possible as a therapist, devote as much time as you spend with your clients to resting, recharging and improving yourself. There should be no limit to your self-development. Change and learn all the time.”

I am capable of helping every single person as much as they are willing to help themselves.