Opinions on my therapeutic sessions and acknowledgments

As we go down the path of our life we tend to lose many things: our dreams, our self-confidence, the ability to enjoy the little things or to understand what is meaningful and valuable in our life, those we love, love itself, the feeling that we belong, tranquillity and many, many others. I sincerely hope that everyone will be able to find those lost things and lead a happy life. Viola is a person who gave me a lot of support in my search for what I’ve lost and now she is fully entitled to feel that she is one of the key figures behind my happiness. Thank you, Viola!              



We visited Violetta for the first time in order to get some advice and to solve our most pressing problems. However, what happened was that we started to improve communication in our relationship to finally reach the stage in which we were able to effectively deal with our issues (no matter what they concerned or how tough they were). The thing that we especially valued was  Viola’s positive attitude which she infected us with and which we now have every day. We learned how to respond to each other’s needs and what the foundation of our relationship is so that we can build our happiness resulting from being together, as well as individual satisfaction with our love life. We highly recommend session with Viola to all those who want to make their relationship more profound and are searching for clues on how to improve their relationship and themselves.

Justyna and  Adam


As I was leaving after our meetings, I was almost always in a good mood and full of faith in my ability to combat my weakness, or “depression,” as a professional would say, thanks to not only the nice atmosphere that accompanied our sessions, but also to the positive energy that you always radiated. Of course, the atmosphere alone is not enough; you equipped me with various tools to fight my problems – you taught me how to talk with myself to prevent bad thinking habits from taking over and how to draw the line between true events and my perception of them. What helped me was: quieting down, relaxing music, prayer, exercises and the right diet. However, the most important thing was that, at the very beginning, when I most needed help, I could find a little bit of peace and quiet and get away from my problems with you. I believe that together we managed to identify some deep-rooted cause of my issues and fears. By realizing this, and letting go of my old sorrow and resentments, I got rid of my deeply hidden burden. When I was going through a moment of doubt whether these efforts were worthwhile, you showed me a choice I had, thanks to which I made up my mind and started to fight. You can not only give your utmost but also listen, which is crucial in this job. I greatly appreciate your individual preparation for our session and the variety of ways and techniques that were helpful in my situation. I am forever grateful to you for your help and I’m glad that I have met you: not only because I’m “cured,” but also because you are a very interesting and friendly person.



I was fortunate enough to have been meeting Viola for 3 months on a regular basis and discuss the most important aspects of my life. For me it was a time of receiving many gifts. While accepting some of them was easy and pleasant, others required effort, struggle and overcoming old beliefs and ways of acting and reacting. In working with Viola I especially value her capacity of adjusting to and focusing on my individual nature and of taking my worldview into account. She was able to give me support, inspiration and motivation – to search for the truth, attain goodness, open myself to beauty and embrace the truth about myself and the surrounding world – not only from the point of view of my reason, but also from the point of view of my faith in God. Viola was really involved in her work on my growth and development to an extent which surpassed all my expectations and imagination. With all her involvement, she was also subtle and tactful when it came to my freedom of choice. Such a great cooperation with her was possible thanks to her ability to ensure security, discretion, impeccable manners and huge respect for the other person, especially one in pain.



I want to thank you with all my heart for our conversations when I was still in Barcelona. They were real food for thought and gave me strength and really did set me on the right track.  I was also lucky enough to have been watched over by angels 🙂 In Barcelona I made friends with one translator (we still keep in touch a lot) and this probably was why, all of a sudden, it became clear to me that I was a born linguist. At the end of September I’m starting weekend translation studies. It is so strange and so sad that very often people don’t really know themselves at all. Isn’t it amazing that there exist people like you, people who help others find out who they really are?


I contacted Ms Violetta Wróblewska because of a problem concerning the lack of understanding between me and my sister, which became especially painful after our parents passed away. I had visited a few other psychologists before, but I discovered that the solutions they offered weren’t really for me and I kept feeling bad when following their instructions. Ms Wróblewska is an incredibly cheerful, kind and empathetic person, all the while being very competent and, in my case, able to understand perfectly well what I really needed. At present I keep in touch with my sister – we meet, call each other and do our best to talk, which was impossible before. There certainly still is room for improvement here, but still I’m really happy with the way things are as of today. I’m glad that I can do it and I owe it all to Ms Violetta Wróblewska.


Viola is a person who can show you the world from a very positive perspective. What I really liked was her ability to attune herself to my needs at a given moment and to adjust her methods and be a very warm and thoughtful person at the same timeI never felt pressed for time and our meetings didn’t feel like meticulously timed psychotherapeutic sessions. I felt really taken care of and didn’t feel lonely. Also, her non-conventional methods, fables, stories (at times even one single sentence), were able to change a lot in my approach to my problems. She simply guided me to the solution.


Meetings with this psychologist changed my attitude towards life into a positive one. After every meeting I felt ‘charged’ with positive energy. Professional help, nice atmosphere – I really recommend it.



I would like to encourage you to read some very honest words said by my clients who chose my book You have only one life and one health as their companion in everyday life. THERE ARE AS MANY POSSIBILITIES OF USING STORIES, PROFOUND LIFE TRUTHS, INFORMATION FROM VARIOUS ACADEMIC FIELDS AND WORDS OF WISDOM IN EVERYDAY LIFE OFFERED BY THIS BOOK AS THERE ARE CLIENTS.

Read it and see for yourself what you can gain if you implement all its prescriptions, wise words and life truths in your life.

My heart started to freeze as early as in my childhood. To cope with having no relationships with people who were supposed to be close to me, I had to cut myself off from my feelings, longings and experiences. My child-like spontaneity and joy were disappearing day by day. For a few years I had been harbouring the belief that there is something wrong with me, but was afraid to look for help. Not able to bear the pain of existence any more, I threw myself into my work. The moment I started experiencing psychosomatic symptoms (headaches, migraines, throat tightness, muscle tension and hyperactive thyroid), I was forced to look for psychological help, and that’s how I ended up in your office. The book that you gave me, You have only one life and one health, helped me rediscover other aspects of life that I had forgotten about, namely: the need for relaxation, rest, exercising or healthy eating. Thanks to the chapter on men/women relationships I have discovered that I don’t want my job and getting a promotion regularly to constitute the only safe haven in my life. I am slowly starting to build relationships with men.


I was often feeling worked up and anxious in the presence of my peers. I kept comparing myself to them and always evaluated myself negatively. That was stopping me from rising to the challenge of meeting new people. In the company of others I experienced palpitations and dizziness and felt as if I were collapsing inside; my throat started clenching up too. You suggested that I read your book You have only one life and one health. At first I was skeptical about it, not being able to find there any advice concerning my problem. But I must admit that thanks to this book I discovered that I’d been focusing too much on my problem instead of simply living my life and rejoicing in its every little manifestation that you write about. I began to discover the pleasures connected with: taking care of myself, my health, healthy eating, yoga-based physical exercises or working with your mind. This book made me aware of the multitude of aspects of life that you can derive satisfaction from.


 You made me realize that my problems with bonding have their roots in the prenatal period. Perhaps you remember me mentioning that my mother only took care of my needs related to being fed when I was hungry and having my nappy changed. Very rarely did she hug me or take me into her arms. She was always worked up and upset with me for crying for no reason. I experienced a real moment of revelation when you told me that, at that very early stage, I had already received a lot of my mother’s fears, anxiety, rage and tensions. I was simply overwhelmed with her negative moods. Consequently, my permanently tense body kept stiffening, screaming and crying. It was asking for maternal care. During therapy we reached other reasons behind my current hostile attitude towards the outside world, mistrust towards people and insecurity. I believe that your book has helped me understand what a healthy state of mind is and how to nurture it; how my cognitive distortions have been making me feel disgusted with life and depressive. You know that the greatest discovery I made was that long-term sorrow, melancholy and fear had been causing depressive states, skin and breathing problems and recurring colds. Your book made me realize the influence our emotions have on our health. I also understood that what we experienced in the past doesn’t really matter because we are able to change the meaning of a given experience and interpret it anew… These are your very words.  


You know what I can’t stand: constant denial and chaos in my family. After all, you also know that neither my mom nor my dad will admit that they hurt each other by their actions, many days of silent treatment, taking offence and being angry with each other all the time. As for me, I keep absorbing all that like a sponge and feel depressed (which I never wanted to admit). I also experience self-inflicted violence. After all, in our family (considered ideal by people from the outside) there are no problems. Everything is just fine. I feel sick when I think that all they ever care about is putting on a mask, a public facade, artificiality and … pretence. Your book You have only one life and one health showed me the meaning of the terms: healthy communication, true love and good relationship and taught me how to raise children well.


I remember that when I first appeared in your room, you asked me what kind of hunger I was carrying within me. You see, I simply couldn’t hide it beneath an elegant hairstyle, impeccable makeup and a suit by a good designer. With a lot of uncertainty, choking up, I managed to say that I was longing for recognition and acceptance, longing to be someone famous and really exceptional. It was then that you asked me a question which made me catch my breath. Knowing that I was financial director, you enquired: “Which is more profitable and has a better long-term return on investment: investing in oneself (i.e. in one’s personal and spiritual development) or constantly striving for recognition and approval?”. I came back home, went to bed and started reading your book You have only one life and one health. I kept thinking about your question. I decided to make my personal and spiritual development my priorities and I can already see good results of my choice. I’ve met a good man and we are planning a future together. And you know I’m myself more and more often because I’m discovering the real ‘me.’ The book has taught me to view my relationship from the ‘two icebergs’ perspective, and showed me how to strengthen the bonds between me and my partner.


You know what I didn’t use to understand – what loving oneself is all about. Thank you very much for your book You have only one life and one health, because it was there that I found answers to the most burning questions, especially how to love myself and how to learn to love others. As you told me, healthy love for myself and others can significantly lower my fear of  separation, which I always feel when I’m alone. My mother was carrying a heavy burden of her own insecurities and, as you said, when, at the age of thirty, I wanted to start an independent life and my own family, she became all the more intent on keeping me by her side. She wanted me to be attached to her emotionally. On the other hand, you and I have discovered that her bond with me was founded on conflicts, misunderstandings, rage and fear.. and now you get the whole picture of what caused my emotional hunger. I longed for attachment based on love and yet I used to deny that need at the same time.


My kids are sick all the time: from headaches to stomach aches to vomiting. Moreover, they are often gloomy, sad or aggressive. I was utterly shocked to hear from you that I’m too possessive and controlling towards them and want to make them heavily dependent on me. You gave me your book, You have only one life and one health. I glanced at the chapter on parenting right away; what caught my attention was the fragment on what parents should not do to their children and in what families children feel best. And you know what? I decided to improve myself and my relationship so that my kids know that when we have problems with ourselves, we should work on them instead of escaping to overeating, sweets or drinking after work.     


Why do I do things which contradict my own needs? I work 12 hours a day and pay for it with headaches, migraines and back aches. I long for closeness but tend to provoke conflicts. I would love to be cared for by others, but it is me that cares about them all the time, neglecting myself. I long for a chance to rest and definitely have too much weight on my shoulders. I feel burned out. You gave me your book, You have only one life and one health, and suggested that I read the chapter on health and psychosomatic causes behind many diseases. Thanks to you and to this book I finally realized that there are huge conflicts going on inside of me between wishing and avoiding, which result in neglecting myself and my health, other people being ‘more important.’


I didn’t really know what to change in my professional life. My previous job hadn’t been giving me any satisfaction and I wanted a career change. However, I needed to consult you about what the best option for me was. Thanks to a great number of psychological tests on professional skills and to numerous questions connected with creating one’s career that I found in your book You have only one life and one health and answered, I managed to change my job and find one that is closer to my feminine nature and fits everything you say in the chapter on working life – my temperament, values, mental capabilities, personality and talents.