A few months have passed since my book You have only one life and one health (Polish title: Życie i zdrowie masz tylko jedno) was published. I am really glad to see it so warmly received both by the readers and book bloggers.

At the request of native speakers of English and those who wish to combine learning English with gaining psychological, medical and spiritual knowledge, the English version of my book is now available.

Before you read its description, reviews or recommendations to read it, I would like you to answer the following question: What are you struggling with right now? What kind of thoughts, very strong emotions, beliefs or life problems are you battling at the moment? 

Since I know some of my readers personally, I have had many opportunities to ask them why they decided to read my book in the first place.

Their answers repeated themselves quite often, so I decided to group them and I discovered four major reasons why they considered reading my book a valuable experience:

  • They would like to find, within their hearts, answers to the questions that keep bothering them and this book inspires them to get started in their search for these answers.
  • They want to solve their most important life problems, mainly in their relationships with their spouses, partners or children. These issues mainly result from: wrong patterns of thinking, having no control over their emotions, the burden of their past experiences and their inability to make time for developing intimate relationships and for self-improvement.
  • They want to put their life back together, move on and not to regret what has already happened.
  • They are afraid to admit to others that they are facing some serious life issues and find it safer to confront them on their own – by reading this book.

Perhaps right now you are wondering why people read books that combine psychological, medical and spiritual knowledge.

I believe that many people (myself included) devote their time to explore the secrets of meaningful and good life to be able to make the most of their time on earth. Moreover, a great number of people have had a chance to see for themselves that time spent on working on our self-development and our way of living, as well as on reading enriching and enlightening books is the best investment in ourselves and our life; it is an investment that always offers high returns, i.e. satisfaction with ourselves, our life and our close relationships. After all, success, good life, rewarding relationships or inner peace and joy crucially stem from knowledge, wisdom and spirituality. Throughout centuries, there has been no shortage of sagacious people who attached great importance to developing the gift of wisdom.

In my opinion, all the people in this world share one thing, that is, the same needs for: warmth, peaceful mind, simple joys and pleasures, goodness, health, love, kindness, intimacy, touch, compassion, dignity, freedom and finally, being in the company of kind and positively disposed people.

You have only one life and one health. Therefore it is crucial to spend the time that has been given to us in the wisest way possible – a way which is the most life-enriching, useful, beneficial and helpful to us and to others.

The fact is, if people concentrate only on working all the time, duties, constantly being on the move or chasing money to live a more luxurious life (which they impose on themselves), or live a life that isn’t really theirs, their very joy of living slowly starts disappearing. This particular type of joy can be derived from: stopping in our daily run, taking a break, resting and relaxing, meditation, prayer, a conversation with God, a profound and honest talk with our spouse, partner, child or friend, having fun (e.g. dancing, singing or playing music together), building profound relationships with another person, maintaining hearth and home, admiring nature and everything that is around us.

Because of inner resistance, reluctance to change and the lack of knowledge of what really counts in life, people resort to taking care of many things which don’t give them any pleasure. Furthermore, these things only give rise to long-term suffering, preoccupation, sadness, exhaustion, feeling overburdened with problems, burnout, fatigue, tribulations, disappointments and physical and mental illnesses.

As they reach midlife, or even the last moments of their lives, many people discover what they don’t really want, namely: abuse and aggression, losing the meaning of life, too much responsibility, living in a quarrelsome atmosphere, life devoid of spirituality, busy schedules, feeling too tired and losing interest in life (Colbert, 2011).

Bronnie Ware, the author of the book Top Five Regrets of The Dying, asked people who were on their deathbed what they regretted the most in their life. Here are the answers that she received:

  1. I regret not having enough courage to live my own life instead of that expected from me.
  2. I regret not telling other people about my needs and emotions.
  3. I regret working so often and not having time for those I love the most.
  4. I regret not taking care of my friendships.
  5. I regret not letting myself be happy.

Having no time for what is meaningful in life will not solve problems and promote a new, better quality of your life. Let us not forget that what counts at the end of the day is those three questions: how courageously have you lived your life? How well have you loved? To what extent have you learned to be free? (Thiele).

This book will show you that you have a great impact on yourself and your life and that you can start afresh, even if you think otherwise. Please remember that every change starts in your mind and body. You don’t have to go (or escape) anywhere to change your life. This change can begin here and now.

Every single person, regardless of their age, gender, education or occupation, will find what is valuable and useful in their own life in this book. It is not worth waiting with introducing changes. In fact, the more you neglect a given area of life the more effort it takes later to: get back on your feet, recover from your depression, liberate yourself from: violence, toxic people, traumatic memories, the burden of your past, addictions, illnesses or considerable body tensions; the more difficult it is to start believing in yourself and in living a reasonable, meaningful life, to put it back in order and restore harmony in it, rebuild your relationship with your wife, husband or partner or to build them anew, re-bond with your children, give up on your workaholism etc.

The entire book is an answer to challenging questions about life. It gently encourages the reader to gain an insight into their own life. Such individual reflection (‘What am I going to choose from the information I’ve read?’, ‘What am I going to put into practice?’, ‘What is going to be most useful at this stage of my life?’) may help in moving on or in stopping just to think everything over.

I guide the reader through various areas of human life – always gently; I’m far from being pushy or from imposing anything. I motivate them to step outside the philosophy or worldview that they have believed in so far, to explore and discover new lands, to taste new things, check what they like and enjoy best and what really suits them so that later, towards the end of their life, they don’t say that ‘they regret this’ or ‘they regret that’.

I am against imposing on ourselves things which do not agree with our deep needs, values, health convictions, motivations, personality, temperament etc. Quite the opposite: I encourage my Readers to discover their own internal richness by doing various exercises and confronting questions in the book. Everybody should follow their own heart. It would be great if the books we decide to read inspired us to make changes, expanded our worldview and helped us in recognizing what our heart truly wants and needs instead of playing the role of infallible gurus.

Here are questions that you may find easier to answer after reading my book and becoming familiar with words of wisdom, life prescriptions, stories, educational mottos and quotes you can find there:

What is friendship and why is it the foundation of love? On what foundations is it worth building our relationships? How do attachment styles affect our relationships and how to strengthen the bonds with our husband, wife or partner? Can being pressed for time and living in a hurry serve as an excuse for not showing our gratitude? How to learn the ability to feel who we really are to be better at understanding other people’s emotions and needs? How to open up for love for ourselves and others despite having been broken-hearted in the past? What is, and what is not, loving oneself and other people? How to accept what is happening to us? How to make things simple, or what is simple and ordinary life and how to get a taste for it? Why is it a good idea to trust God? Why is it worth overcoming difficulties with our faith, trust, humility, patience, gentleness, courage and hope instead of resorting to pride, arrogance, haughtiness, conceitedness and being cold-hearted? How to nurture our hope and courage in forgiving ourselves and others? Why can life crises be read as an encouragement and invitation or even a cry for change? Why do superficial relationships with our spouse, partner, children, friends etc. only change our life into one that is shallow, superficial and doesn’t foster profound relationships? What is guilt in experiencing parenthood and how to cope with it?  In what kinds of families do children feel best and what is it worth teaching our children? How to take care of our health to be as fit as a fiddle? How to make your diet comply with both the biblical rules and the results of the most recent academic research and where do both those areas overlap? How to eat and what to eat in order to ward off colds and keep our optimal weight? What food products are the healthiest and the most nutritious? How to find ourselves in a busy world and not to lose too much energy every day? How to replenish the energy we lose to get through the day? How to deal with stress and tiredness in everyday life? In what way is our body our best teacher? How to rebuild our life after some difficult experiences like an illness, a divorce or an accident to live more mindfully and consciously than before? What priorities should we set? How to do our daily physical exercise, based on Yoga for the Spine, to keep our body relatively flexible? What kind of job might we find rewarding and where should our professional objectives come from? How to cope with fear and anger? What thoughts and beliefs are not beneficial for us? Where should we get our strength to go on with our life? How to organize our life so we don’t feel burnt out and discouraged too soon? How to control our thoughts which are responses to our own projections? What is good and conscious life? How to slow down? How to live in accordance with the laws of nature, which is the basis of being healthy?

This book also abounds in psychological advice which answers the most common questions asked by Internet users.

I just want to tell you that there is no other book like You have only one life and one health. I can also honestly say that ITS CONTENT IS WORTH A FEW TIMES AS MUCH AS ITS MARKET VALUE. Why?

Because it took me about five years to write it. I needed this period of time to become acquainted with the vast literature on psychology, medicine, spirituality and other sciences. I wanted my book to convey my own point of view on the key matters in human life, but this point of view had to be supported by solid scientific and parascientific knowledge, experiences (both mine and those of my clients) and everything that can’t be seen or analysed but can be felt or experienced. Almost all my books and periodicals I used, more or less extensively, when writing (or I didn’t use after discovering they were not very helpful) are in my home library, because I had decided to buy them… and there were about 500 titles!

How to work with this book?

You can only read those chapters which interest you the most at this specific point of your life. You can highlight or underline those fragments which are the most crucial to you and which you want to work on or just remember.

By answering the questions taken from my therapeutic and psycho-coaching sessions, which can be found in some chapters (or, in other words, by coaching yourself), you will, step by step, reach your destination, that is, knowing yourself better. By asking yourself, you will receive answers coming from no-one else but you – after all, when it comes to your own life, you are the most competent person.

I also encourage you to read the stories, anecdotes, mottos, quotes and fables (written by me and other authors) and to explore their message and possible relevance to your life.

Finally, I strongly suggest that you do all the exercises in the book, which will help you discover everything that you haven’t had a chance to discover within yourself yet.

I hope you will change your life for the better every single day simply because your life is worth it.

Nowadays, the term ‘slow life’ is all the rage. Many people would like to live in accordance with their bodies’ and their hearts’ needs and with the laws of nature. You could be one of them. Join the ever-growing group of happy readers of the book You have only one life and one health, who believe that it contains almost everything one needs to live a better and healthier life.

Every single copy of the book ‘You have only one life and one health’ contains a card with an inspiring dedication and wishes that I’m going to write especially for you.

The book You have only one life and one health has 439 A5 pages. It costs –  13€ or $15 or £11 +  shipment costs depending on your country. 

Europe – £7,40 for one book and £13,65 for two and three books, North America, Africa –  £10,00 for one book and £17,50 for two and three books, Australia and Oceania – £15,60 for one book and £32,00 for two and three books, South America, Central America and Asia – £11,40 for one book and £22,00 for two and three books.

Violetta Wróblewska’s account number into which you need to pay for the book:

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Perhaps you’d like to order these books or maybe you’re not that much into them. In either case, I would like to make one big request. Please send this link to your friends who might be in need of help or who have to help others.

I will be really happy if you tell your loved ones and your friends about my books. Books on psychology and spirituality have always been helpful in my daily life. They can also help you and your nearest and dearest or your friends. You just never know. Sometimes it only takes a few sentences from a book to change a person’s life, to help them recover from depression, to cheer them up, help them achieve their aims, encourage them to bond with others and bring out love and kindness in them.


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