Who is it for?

  • For those who (for various reasons) are unhappy with their professional life and want to introduce some changes: find a better job, get a promotion, make a career shift, transform their hobby into their career, or simply to run their own business.
  • For those who are just starting their career and have decided to manage it in a conscious way.
  • For those who want their job to become their life mission.
  • For those who are bored with repetitive duties and feel stuck in a rut, thus wasting their skills and talents.
  • For those who believe that they landed their current job by accident and feel that they are in a wrong place and those whose job doesn’t match their interests.
  • For those who wish to make more money. 
  • For those who want to get back to the job market after maternity leave.
  • For those who don’t feel valued in their workplace, know what they don’t want to do and feel burned out.
  • For those who want to learn their strengths and weaknesses in order to manage their career more consciously.
  • For those wishing to find work/life balance.
  • For those in search of a job after having lost one and who don’t know how to begin.

Why career psycho coaching?

There might be many reasons for wishing to make a change. They might include: getting headaches or stomach aches at the very thought of going to work, being fed up with working under pressure, not accepting the system in which you are constantly evaluated, communication difficulties, having a highly stressful job, responsibility, too many duties, too much control, too high pace of working, mental effort, insufficient remuneration, monotony in the workplace, the lack of support on the part of your supervisor, constant changes, feeling unmotivated or the risk of losing your job.

They might also include totally different reasons, serious or trivial. Not only does career psycho coaching assist the client in answering the key questions: What are they heading for? Who are they and who would they like to be?, but it also makes them become aware of their skills, qualifications, strengths and weaknesses.

What are you going to gain?

During our sessions you will, step by step, create your own fascinating path of professional development by:

  • checking if now is a good time for changes in your career,
  • finding out what doesn’t favour such changes in your life,
  • finding out what conditions have to be met to increase your chances of attracting the job you dream about as long as you can answer the question: what do you truly want in your career?It is quite common that during our training (and often also therapy) my Client and I slowly arrive at the answer to this question. It often happens that what people are doing now is not what they really want,
  • defining your professional objectives that correspond to your life vocation, values, interests and skills,
  • taking a closer look at fixed beliefs and thinking patterns which have been stopping you from getting your ideal job,
  • sorting out all your misconceptions and cleansing your mind of thoughts concerning money and work that are blocking you,
  • inspecting yourpersonal and professional life circle and the level of satisfaction with your present job,
  • checking (by doing tests) your resistance to stress, willpower and teamwork skills, the roles you usually play in a group, your temperament, personality and the values you observe in your life. (You are going to do a multiple intelligence self-assessment and a personal styles questionnaire.)
  • learning what spiritual and core values or values related to strength, way of thinking, image and lifestyle matter to youand what value system you would like to live in,
  • checking if you have entrepreneurial skills,
  • analyzing your skills, talents and aptitudes (SWOT analysis)from the point of view of career changes,
  • discovering your life mission – I’m going to show you how to get in touch with your intuition and your heart,
  • devising your own ‘professional success schedule’, i.e. picturing your ideal job, discovering which of its aspects make you happy and what you would love doing if money were no object,
  • reaching for your dreams, changing them into goals, setting professional goals,
  • finding the career path which is right for you,
  • obtaining great tools for individual work,
  • planning your actions,
  • increasing your motivationto introduce changes.