The aim of my psychological consultations is to discuss the causes of a given problem and the factors that reinforce it, gain relevant psychological knowledge and find an effective solution together with the Client.

Who are they for?

  • those who are experiencing difficulties in their personal and professional life
  • those who have problems when communicating with others
  • those who are unable to develop and maintain rewarding relationships with others
  • those going through life crises
  • those who cannot cope in stressful situations, experience fears and depressive states
  • those in need of support in challenging life situations
  • those struggling with some bodily weaknesses and illnesses

If you cannot make up your mind about attending my sessions or consultations (e.g. due to financial reasons), I have a wonderful solution for you: you can read the English version of my book, You have only one life and one health.

For more information about the book, the readers’ reviews, the table of contents,              selected fragments and the order form, please visit the following website: